Atami Fireworks Fair on the Sea

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Glamorous view of Atami's night view and fireworks

The Fireworks Fair on the sea is becoming the symbol of Atami, and is held more than ten times a year through the four seasons. The highlight of this fireworks fair is a huge firework decoration called "Niagara Fall"which will be displayed as a finale of 5,000 fireworks. At RISONARE Atami, the fireworks can be seen from all guest rooms.

■ 2018 event date
16th December (Sun)

■ 2019 event date
31th March, 2019 (Sun)
20th April (Sat)
11th May (Sat)
26th May (Sun)
16th June (Sun)
29th June (Sat)
26th July (Fri)
30th July (Tue)
5th August (Mon)
8th August (Thu)
18th August (Sun)
23th August (Fri)
30th August (Fri)
16th September (Mon)
8th December (Sun)
15th December (Sun)
8:20pm-8:45pm (8:20pm-8:50pm for July & August only)
Intended for
For everyone
・Event will be held even with rain.
・On the day of event, using public transportation is recommended because the parking lots in the city will be occupied.

■ Venue
Atami Bay (from the 7.5m wharf of Atami Harbor to the fishing facility)
* About 2.3km from RISONARE Atami