Atami Fireworks trip

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A travel package
to appreciate fireworks
and enjoy your luxurious staying of firework theme

<Reservation required | 7 days before 14:00>Only during the period of Atami Sea Fireworks Festival (August 5, 2020 - January 23, 2021), a luxurious, all-fireworks accommodation package “Atami Fireworks trip” will be available for you to enjoy fireworks in various ways. You can enjoy dinner and fireworks appreciation at the main dining, "Japanese dining restaurant HANABI." The dining is designed with the image of the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival. The special stay is full of fireworks, such as wearing the firework-patterned yukata, lighting sparklers at the terrace of your room.

<POINT1> The special seat for fireworks appreciation plus photography by a professional photographer

After dinner in the private room of Japanese dining restaurant HANABI, step out of the private room to the terrace, there are the package customers only appreciation seats for you to enjoy the fireworks’ reverberating sound and shining sparks in the night sky of Atami. Our professional photographers will capture your image with the fireworks. They may capture your image in yukata with the fireworks from your back, which is hard to be shot by yourself. Fireworks appreciation in a private space with the photos taken by a professional photographer is a perfect way to reward yourself.

<POINT2> Wearing a firework-patterned yukata, and having dinner at Japanese dining restaurant HANABI

Package customers only! The firework-patterned yukata, obi, and accessories are in your room. The staff may help you with dressing and hair setting if you need it. You don’t have to worry even you are not used to wearing yukata. Wearing a firework-patterned yukata excites your mood for fireworks appreciation. Being in the Japanese dining restaurant HANABI, you will feel that fireworks surround you. HANABI serves Japanese cuisine course dinner featuring seasonal flavors. It provides mainly seafood such as horned turban and splendid alfonsino. The sparkling sake "HANABI" also reminds you of the dancing fireworks in the night sky.

<POINT3> Sparklers to enjoy at the terrace of your room

You will stay at the Terrace Living Suite with a terrace overlooking Sagami Bay (123-square-meter room and 35-square-meter terrace). You may enjoy the RISONARE Atami original designed sparklers at the terrace of your room while immersing in the afterglow after the fireworks appreciation. The sparkling moment is the icing on the cake for your private night. Besides, we prepared snacks in the firework-shell-shaped packages and books about fireworks for you to enjoy more about fireworks while staying in your room.

August 5, 2020 (Wed) - January 23, 2021 (Sat) Atami Fireworks Fair on the Sea Event date
■Atami Fireworks Fair on the Sea Event date
August 5, 2020 (Wed), August 18, 2020 (Tue), August 21, 2020 (Fri), August 23, 2020 (Sun), August 27, 2020 (Thu),
September 22, 2020 (Tue),
October 10, 2020 (Sat), October 24, 2020 (Sat),
December 6, 2020 (Sun), December 13, 2020 (Sun),
January 23, 2021 (Sat)
66,000 yen per adult (one night with dinner and breakfast / when four people using one room / tax and service fee included)
* Room: Terrace Living Suite (opened on April 26, 2019)
■ Accommodation package
Accommodation + dinner (Japanese dining restaurant HANABI) + breakfast + special treatment

■ special treatment
・firework-patterned yukata rental
・Hair setting
・Fireworks appreciation special seat
・Photography by a professional photographer
・RISONARE Atami original Sparklers
・Sparkling sake "HANABI"
・Firework-shell-shaped-packaged snacks
・Books about fireworks
* Dressing and hair setting provided by our staff if needed.
Intended for
Adults (2-4 people / one room per day)
・This package must be reserved through our official website.
・Please apply by 17:00 (5 pm) seven days before the arrival day.
・This package is for 2 to 4 adults only. Children are not allowed.
・This package is limited to one night, not available for more than 2 nights.
・Dinner is Japanese cuisine course dinner served at Japanese dining restaurant HANABI. The buffet breakfast is served at Studio Buffet MOGUMOGU.
・Not available for people under 20 years old or women in pregnancy.
・Check-in time is 15:00 (3 pm) and check-out time is 12:00 (noon).
・The room rate includes service fee and consumption tax.

■ Example of stay schedule
【1st day】
15:00 Check in
| Yukata choosing / dressing / hair setting
| Dinner at Japanese dining restaurant HANABI
20:20 Fireworks appreciation at the special seat (Holding time may change)
| Enjoy the sparklers at the terrace of your room
| Bath in the large bath “Myojo no Yu”
【2nd day】
| Breakfast at Studio Buffet MOGUMOGU
| Relax at Sorano Beach Books & Cafe
12:00 Check out
Reservation (to reservation confirmation / change page / Japanese only )
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* Sold out