Japanese dining Hanabi
Reopen after renovation in April 2018

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Eating at Hanabi
Trying the new Japanese food
with the theme “Exquisite Atami Cuisine"

Restaurant "Japanese dining Hanabi" was reopened after renovation on Friday, April 27, 2018. With the theme of “Exquisite Atami Cuisine", please enjoy our delicious seasonal course dinner with highly recommended seafood: horned turban and splendid alfonsino, in the space designed for Atami Sea Fireworks Festival. At Hanabi, customers who are not so familiar with Japanese course dinner could also feel the charm of the new Japanese food.

① Space design let you feel Atami’s specialty fireworks

"Atami Sea Fireworks Festival" has been proudly held for 60 years in Atami for about 15 times per year nowadays. The design is under the supervision of "Klein Dytham architecture". The semi-private rooms with fireworks motif of colorful gradation color of gentle parabola are dotted in a deep blue space reminiscent of the night sky. We also have private rooms with firework image on the wall and pendant lights above your head.

② The course dinner for you to enjoy seasonal seafood

Enjoy the Course Dinner of "Exquisite Atami Cuisine". Atami is the gateway to the Izu Peninsula, the greatest splendid alfonsino fishing farm in Japan and horned turban in Shizuoka Prefecture. Lots of the seasonal seafood is used in the courses.

· Starter: steamed horned turban with seaweed
· Vinegared: squid mixed with seaweed and vinegar
· Sashimi: assorted sashimi
· Dish on the stand: flavored simmered splendid alfonsino

③ Original tableware inspired by the fast sailing ships in Sagami Bay

Our original tableware for sashimi and hassun, tin ships and sails on the trays with wood-carving waves, was produced under the supervision of "CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN", who attracted lots of attention through their diversified business activities. The decent tin expresses the figure of elegant sailing ships.

④ Japanese dining Hanabi designers introduction

◎ Space design and supervision: "Dytham architecture" (picture)
An architectural unit proficient in several fields including architecture, interior, and installation. It was established in Tokyo in 1991 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham who completed RCA. It is highly evaluated internationally, and attracting attention by promoting various projects with clients.

◎ Tableware design and supervision: "CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN Ltd."
An Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto based company works on graphics, WEB, product design of companies, commercial facilities, and manufacturers. Not only focusing on designs with market sense but also promoting "everyone's regional industrial cooperation project". The project works from product development to sales channel design while considering logistics of over 500 factories and craftsmen across the country.

* Except hotel closed days
* Open on Friday, April 27, 2018
From 17:30 (5:30 pm) or from 19:30 (7:30 pm) (reservation is required / hotel guests only)
Adult (12 years old and above): 10,000 yen
7 to 11 years old: 4,060 yen
4 to 6 years old: 2,900 yen
* Children under 4 years old can also enjoy our food with the 2,900 yen
· Floor area: 1003.53 m² (1200 yd²)
· Number of seats: 74 seats
· The menus may partially change.

■ For inquiry
TEL.+81-557-28-3678 (9:00am-5:00pm)