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Enjoy Shizuoka’s famous canned food of 100 different kinds with beers at “Can Can Beer Garden”

From June 12 to August 31, "Can Can Beer Garden" will open at "Sorano Beach Books & Café," which has a beach on the hotel’s top floor. Come to taste a wide variety of craft beers with canned food and their pairing. This unique experience can only be held in the Shizuoka Prefecture, where craft beer canned food industries are prosperous.

Can Can Beer Garden <Background>

The melting water from Mt. Fuji comes to Shizuoka Prefecture. Many breweries have used the water for a long time, which fosters the brewing technology. In recent years, craft beers become popular. Now, there are 20 craft breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture. Seven of them have been established since 2018. Only four prefectures in Japan have 20 or more breweries, and Shizuoka Prefecture is one of them. Besides, Shizuoka Prefecture has many canning factories. It contributes 97% of tuna cans in Japan. Can Can Beer Garden is a unique event for you to taste the craft beer with canned food as snacks and enjoy the pairing only in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The various lineup of craft beer and canned food

We select from 10 breweries in various places in Shizuoka Prefecture. In each brewery, we select two beers to provide a total of 20 different craft beers. We also have 100 kinds of different canned food from Shizuoka as snacks, including various tuna cans and “Shizuoka Oden." The wide range of cans arranged in "Can Can Celler" will show you the big world of cans.

The special menu only in Can Can Beer Garden

"Can Can Beer Plate" is a set including craft beers and canned food. You can taste our hotel-staff-recommended three different craft beer with three different canned food at one time. You can find the locations of the beer breweries marked on the map of Shizuoka Prefecture on the plate. Besides, we have picked beer of the month for you to try. These special ones are sold in limited quantities in this event from small breweries.

No more worries about where to rest after drunk. It’s the benefit of coming to a beer garden in a hotel

“Can Can Beer Box” contains three kinds of craft beer, three kinds of canned food, and three glasses in one box. With the box, you can bring your favorite beers back to your room and taste it even after Sorano Beach Books & Cafe is closed. You can go directly to bed once you are drunk. It is a unique way of enjoying the hotel.

"Can Can Beer Note" is full of information to help you meet your favorite beer and can

We provide the "Can Can Beer Note" as a tool to help you meet your favorite ones from 20 craft beers and 100 cans. Our hotel staff visited the canned food makers in Shizuoka Prefecture and wrote down the producers’ commitments and enthusiasm. They also summarized the knowledge and the most delicious ways to eat the canned food. It features a page introducing the characteristics of craft beers and how to drink them under the supervision of “Shizuoka Craft Beer Map*.” This note includes the recommendations of craft beers, canned foods, and their combinations. It is a collection of information that excites you just by looking at it
* Shizuoka Craft Beer Map is a free newspaper that introduces craft beer shops and breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture. The “Shizuoka Craft Beer Map” producer team is actives mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture. "

June 12 (Fri) - August 31(Mon)
10:00 am - 11:00 pm (10:30 pm last order)
■ Various craft beer: 900 yen (before tax)

* Sicilian Amber (AOI BREWING)
* Umino Golden Ale (Usami Beer)
* Kikori (Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer)
* Funny Farm (Kakegawa Farm Brewing)

■ Canned food: from 200 yen (per can / before tax)

* Olive oil garlic tuna (Sanyo Food Co., Ltd.)
* Delicious miso mackerel (Ito Foods Co., Ltd.)
* Shizuoka Oden (Komagoshi Foods Co., Ltd.)

■ Can Can Beer Plate: 1,600 yen (before tax)
■ Limited beer: 1,000 yen (before tax) * 100 bottles for each

* June: Melox (Kakegawa Farm Brewing)
* July: Kamaru Peach Ale (AOI BREWING)
* August: Biwa Lager (Baird Beer)

■ Can Can Beer Box: from 3,500 yen (before tax) * 5 boxes per day
Intended for
Hotel guest only (only available for people over 12 years old from 9:00 pm)
・ Menus and contents are subject to change.

■ Venue
Solano Beach Books & Cafe

■ For inquiry
TEL. + 81-557-28-3678 (9:00 am-5:00 pm)