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Can Can

From June 1st to September 1st, "Can Can Beer Garden" will open at "Sorano Beach Books & Cafe" on the top floor of the hotel. Choose from 100 kinds of cans and enjoy it with beer at this beer garden in Shizuoka, the place having the prosperous canned food industry. Enjoy the time on the cool and comfortable indoor beach with the Atami cityscape and the sea behind windows.

Tuna can production amount No. 1 nationwide! Beer garden to enjoy 100 kinds of canned foods that Shizuoka boasts

Shizuoka Prefecture, the place surrounded by the sea, most of yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna were caught here among the country. And marvelous number of "tuna cans" is produced with the local caught tuna. 23,548.5 tons of tuna is caught annually. It is 99% of national market share; 9,516 tons of skipjack tuna is caught annually which is 100% of the national market share. (From the data of Shizuoka Prefecture official website in 2017). Come to enjoy the unique beer garden in Shizuoka, where the canned food industry is prosperous.

<POINT 1> From tuna to oden! Enjoy 100 varieties of cans

From the lots of canned food produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, we select and 100 beer matched ones to serve with beer in this event. From canned tuna, proud of the top national market share in Japan, to canned local gourmet "Shizuoka Oden", the wide range of cans awaits. An original “can can cellar” with cans arranged to show you the variety world of cans. Come to buy and eat what you like, and the assorted plate changing daily is offered for you to enjoy three different can flavors.

<POINT 2> Best cans? Come to me! Let "CANcierge" select the recommended cans for you.

Our staff visited the can makers in Shizuoka Prefecture, learnt the producers' commitment and passion, and became the "CANcierge" to recommend the cans fit you. We also prepared the "Can Notebook" that has the delicious eating ways and knowledge of canned food directly from the producers in it, which will help you find your favorite cans. In addition, we offer ten kinds of craft beer suitable for the canned food. The combination will show you how to fully enjoy Can Can Beer Garden.

<POINT 3> No worry about weather or sunburn! A comfortable midsummer beach space

Sorano Beach Books & Cafe is a beach on the top floor of the hotel. Being indoors, you can be in the resort at any time without worrying about the weather or sunburn. During the beer garden event period, come to take pictures as if you're on the beach in the middle of summer by using rental items such as sunglasses and straw hats.

June 1 (Sat) - September 1 (Sun)
10:00 am - 11:00 pm (10:30 pm last order)
■ 3 kinds of canned food assorted plate: 1,000 yen (tax included)
■ Canned food: from ¥200 ~ (per can / tax included)

* Sanyo Food Co., Ltd. "Prince Olive Oil Tuna Tomato & Basil"
* Ito Foods Co., Ltd. "Maguro light tuna flake without oil added (silver)"
* Komakoshi Foods Co., Ltd. "Shizuoka Oden"

■ Various craft beer: 900 yen (tax included)

* BAIRD BEER "Rising Sun Pale Ale" - A refreshing pale ale full of life with rich hop flavor.
* USAMI BREWERY "Usami Golden Ale" - Golden ale made with Izu deep sea water, containing sea minerals.
Intended for
Hotel guest only (only available for people over 12 years old from 9:00 pm)
■ Venue
Solano Beach Books & Cafe

■ For inquiry
TEL. + 81-557-28-3678 (9:00 am-5:00 pm)