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A food education experience - get changed into a chef coat and immerse in making desserts

The children will get changed into chef coats, and enjoy decorating their own and their family's dessert in the "Kids Chef" experience. DIY is not always fun only, but you will also encounter difficulties, yet that is exactly where inspirations and vitality come in, and also for communication skills to be developed. When you are eating the dessert they make with their own hands, you will see shining smiles on their faces. We encourage food education through the enjoyment of making at the Kids Studio.

Challenge to be a patisserie - starting from preparations

Getting changed into the chef coat provided by the staff, then it feels like a real patisserie already. You may feel a little nervous, but the excitement is even more. After disinfecting the hands, we are ready for the dessert challenge.

See the full concentration in the children's gaze while making the dessert

Different from adults, kids take much time in accomplishing one task. Even just spreading whipped cream is a big project. You are able to see their concentrated faces which could be rare in daily life. They can mix and match freely with all kinds of fruits, sauces, and decorations, to make an original dessert that is unique in the world.

They can feel accomplished by saying "Oh yes! It's done!"

They will gain the feeling of independence when they finish making a dessert on their own. Meanwhile, children can grow up with this sense of self-confidence and responsibility. Seeing the children's happy faces after accomplishing the task with confidence, a smile shall also appear on mom and dad's faces.

A smile will naturally appear while eating a unique original dessert in the world.

The finished dessert can be for the kids themselves or as a gift to the family. It would be a nice gift for mom and dad as if saying "Thank you for making me food all the time," or "Thank you for working so hard for us." Eating a dessert that is made by yourself can always bring you a smile.

All year round
Within dinner time at STUDIO BUFFET MOGMOG
* Time varies according to the day
* About 20 min
More details are available at "To enjoy more of Kids Studio"
Kids Studio The Patisserie Experience