What are the check in and check out time.

Check in starts from 3pm, and check out is at noon.

Are there any cancellation charges policy, accommodation provisions, privacy policies, etc?

The time when the cancellation fee will be charged depends on the accommodation plan. Depending on the plan, it may not be possible to cancel, so please be sure to check the cancellation policy of the plan when making a reservation. The basic cancellation policy set for the regular price is as follows.
* Cancellation charges are applied to the “accommodation fee (total)”.

  • Cancellation date / cancellation fee
  • 21 days – 4 days prior: 10% of accommodation fee (total)
  • 3 days prior – the day of check in: 100% of accommodation fee (total)
Best Rate Guarantee

About “Best Rate Guarantee”

Can I walk into the guest rooms with my shoes on?

Walking with shoes on is prohibited inside all guest rooms.

Are there any non-smoking rooms?

All rooms are non-smoking (including heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes). Please smoke in the smoking space (9th floor).

What are the amenities and supplies available in the room?

The amenities and supplies available in the rooms are as follows:

  • Hand soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair brush
  • Shaver, hair comb, shower caps, cotton swabs, cotton pads
  • Skin care products for ladys
  • Humidifier (with air purifier), refrigerator, electric hot water pot, hair drier
  • Bath towel, face towel, yukata (for adults / children), tabi socks, slippers
  • * These may differ slightly according to the room type.

Is internet available anywhere?

Wireless LAN is available in the entire hotel.
(Mobile connection is also usable for all telecom companies)

Can we accommodate 3 or more people in 1 room?

There are rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people per room. When using 3 or more people in one room, 2 people will use a bed, and the other guests will use futons. Guests using the Terrace Living Suite and Terrace Living Corner can use beds.

What are the menus for celebrating anniversaries?

Please check here for anniversary menus.

Are there any options for food allergies?

Please check here for food allergies information.

Is room service available?

We are sorry that we do not provide room service.

Which credit cards do you take?

VISA / DC / JCB / AMEX / Diners / NICOS / MasterCard.

What are the conditions for prepaying with credit cards?
  • Changes cannot be made when prepaying by credit cards.
    If you would like to change your reservation, you will have to make a new reservation on the website by yourself, within the reservation time period. After that, please cancel the reservation that is no longer needed.
    Meanwhile, please be reminded that according to the date of cancellation, a fixed cancellation fee maybe applied.
  • We utilize the payment service provided by GMO Payment Gateway Inc. to settle payment with credit cards.
  • The accepted credit cards are VISA/MasterCard/AMERICAN EXPRESS/JCB/Diners.
    (Debit cards are not accepted)
  • The accommodation fees will have to be paid by the end of the reservation process. However, the number of days taken for the payment to go through depends on the credit card company.
  • In the case where a cancellation fee occurs, we will only deduct the amount of cancellation fee from the registered credit card.
    However, if the cancellation is made in a different month than the reservation, we will refund the amount difference between the accommodation and cancellation fees after the month when cancellation is made.
  • There may be instances where the refund may take some time to be made after the refund process is completed.
    If you have doubts concerning the refund timing or the amounts listed on your credit card bill, please directly contact your credit card company.
  • Customers will not be charged for any handling fees.
Can outsiders use it?

We are sorry that the facilities within Hoshino Resorts Risonare Atami are exclusive for guests staying at the hotel.

Is the bath inside the guest room from hot spring?

It is not from hot spring, only the public bath “Myojo no Yu” is hot spring.

I have to use wheelchair, are there any accessible rooms?

We do not have accessible rooms, but we would recommend the “Deluxe” nearby the elevator.
The rooms of the terrace building need to be accessed by staircases.


Is reservation in advance required?

We also accept advance reservations. Please refer to the facility website for details.

Should I decide how long the session should be?

There are 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 75 minutes, so please choose the time that suits you.

Can I use the massage service during pregnancy?

Yes, you may still use it. However, depending on the months of pregnancy, massage around the lower back may not be done.

Are there any limitations to the health conditions?

For guests who are undergoing treatments, please notice us in advance.
For guests who have severe illnesses, please consult your doctor in advance.

What if I would like to change or extend my appointment?

It is feasible only if it does not affect other appointments.
※ Please understand that cancellation fees may occur for no-shows.

Should I prepare anything?

The massage therapist will arrive at your room at the appointed time.
There is nothing in particular that needs to be prepared in the room, please relax and enjoy the session.

Any precautions for using this service?

We recommend taking a brief rest after the session.

Can I eat something or drink alcohol?

We recommend taking a some rest after meal before starting the session.
Also please avoid drinking excessive amount of alcohol.


Is there any information on nursery service and kid’s programs?

At Risonare Atami, various activities for kids are available. You shall check detailed information about activities on actitivities page.

Is there a capacity limit for the programs?

Yes, for each program there is a capacity limit.
Reservation in advance is recommended.

Is reservation required?

There are programs that require reservation and programs that can be enjoyed without reservation.
Since there are programs which have capacity limits, reservation in advance is recommended.

Is there a policy regarding cancellation charges?

Cancellation fees are as follows.

  • 3 days prior – the day of check in: 100 % of activity fee (total)
  • On the day (with notice): 100 % of activity fee (total)
  • On the day (without notice): 100 % of activity fee (total)
I would like to use the swimming pool, can I rent or buy swimwear?

You may rent swimwear from 500yen. We do not sell swimwear. (Prices may change due to changes in consumption tax.)


What are the accommodation fees for children?
  • For children of 7-11 years old, whether or not they use a bed, will be charged for 70% of an adult’s rate.
  • For children of 4-6 years old, whether or not they use a bed, will be charged for a children’s fee (50% of an adult’s rate).
  • For children of 0-3 years old, all accommodation and food are free of charge (Additional 4,000yen if extra bed is required. / Studio Buffet MOGMOG , Dining HANABI)
  • Are baby cribs available?

    ● Baby cribs
    We have free rental of baby cribs.
    The dimensions are “1200(W)×700(D)×1000(H)” (H is the distance from floor to top of frame)
    Since they are limited in number, please inquire in advance.

    ● Bed guards
    We have free rental of bed guards. Since they are limited in number, please inquire in advance when you make the reservation.
    We can also put two separate beds together in the middle.
    Please let us know if needed.

    Is there a kid’s menu?

    7-11 years old: from 1,890yen / 4-6 years old: from 1,350yen

    7-11 years old: from 4,200yen / 4-6 years old: from 3,000yen
    We also provide kid’s chair.

    ■ Dining HANABI
    7-11 years old: from 4,200yen / 4-6 years old: from 3,000yen

    Are children supplies available?

    ● Supplies for free rental
    Children tooth brush, children slippers, children yukata

    ● Please check here for the children products available at the shop.

    Are there any options for food allergies?

    Please check here for food allergies information.

    Can children use the swimming pool by themselves?

    For safety, children are not allowed to enter the pool by themselves.
    ※ Children who are using diapers can change into swimming diapers for use of the pool.
    Swimming diapers are available at the pool reception for 300yen each (size S-L / Prices may change due to changes in consumption tax).

    Is there information on the kid’s programs?

    You may find kid’s activities at the Activity Lounge.
    Please enjoy the various activities according to the age group and season.

    Is there any information on nursery service?

    We can take care of children from 6 months old to preschool age while the couple go on having a meal or relaxation on their own. (reservation required)
    Please check here for details.

    * For hotel guests with children and having dinner at Dining HANABI, may use the nursery service free of charge (reservation required / First come, first served).
    Please check here for details.

    Are there baby rooms?

    We provide rooms specifically for guests with infants.
    Please check here for room details.

    How should I disinfect the baby bottles?

    Please ask the front desk (microwave is also available).
    Also, microwave and baby bottle washing set are available in the Baby Suite room.
    For details, please check here

    In case of sickness or injury, what should be done?

    Please talk to the front desk.
    If medical attention is needed, we will direct you to the nearest medical facility.
    Atami Tokoro Memorial Hospital: 10 min by car; International University of Health and Welfare Atami Hospital: 20 min by car

    We would like to be able to stay tranquilly even with small babies.

    We provide nursery within the facility. Please check here for details.


    If I come by car in the winter, is there anything I need?

    For the Hakone area, it maybe sudden snow or icy road depending on the weather.
    For guests considering to come through the above area, anti-slips are recommended.

    Is there a shuttle bus at the nearest station?

    There is a shuttle bus operating between JR Tokaido Line / Shinkansen Atami Station and Risonare Atami.
    * Information for free shuttle bus

    Can outsiders use it?

    We are sorry that the facilities within Hoshino Resorts Risonare Atami are exclusive for guests staying at the hotel.