As if floating in the sky,
a white sand beach with a book Cafe.

SORANO Beach Books & Cafe is a space for books and Cafe that is situated at the top floor of Risonare Atami. For an upgraded enjoyment of the blue sea and sky in front of you, we have spread white sand over the entire floor, and prepared sofas and beach chairs. Please enjoy a dreamy moment on the beach floating in the sky.


A concept from the architecture unit “Klein Dytham architecture” – a beach floating in the sky

The interior design was done by the architecture unit “Klein Dytham architecture.” Wood decking, beach chairs, and cabana sofas are placed on the floor spread with white sand. Take off your shoes at the entrance and feel the sand with bare feet, immersing yourself in the beach mood.

Klein Dytham architecture: A multi-disciplinary design unit involved in the design for architecture, interiors, and installations. It is established by RCA graduates Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in Tokyo in 1991, with an international reputation and a high-profile client list on various ongoing projects.

Night Beach

With moonlight and starry sky – a relaxing bar time on the beach floating in night sky

After 9pm is the Bar Time which is exclusive for adults. You may enjoy a drink while gazing at Atami’s night view, or immerse in reading by yourself. We invite you to enjoy a moment of calmness. We also hold various kinds of seasonal events like “Enjoying the beautiful moon in a special moment (for fall time only).” ※ Bar Time is limited to guests above 12 years old.

Drink & Sweets

We have prepared Atami specialty drinks like seasonal smoothies, original coffee in the image of ocean, sencha latte made with Shizuoka tea, etc. We also have a collaboration with the sweets shop “KASHI KICHI” from Atami City to provide you with an exclusive baked sweet made in the image of white sand beach and fireworks, while awaiting for your arrival.


Life style, nature, travel, architecture, arts, cookery, etc
Postcards, general goods, stationary, etc
Cafe menu
(with charges)
Coffee, black tea, caffe latte, alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, sweets, etc
for hotel guests only
Prices may change due to changes in consumption tax.