Each dish is like a beautiful firework.
Please enjoy the new Atami Japanese food.

Our theme is “Exquisite Atami Cuisine”.
The Atami Sea Fireworks Festival is the restaurant design idea.
Please enjoy our delicious seasonal course dinner with highly recommended seafood: horned turban and splendid alfonsino.

5:30pm or 7:30pm (resavation required) *We recommend that you make a reservation early.
Japanese Course Dinner
Adult (above 12 years old) 10,500yen
7-11 years old 4,200yen
4-6 years old 3,000yen
* Menu for under 3 years old is available
Reopen after renovation in April 2018

Part of the menu is subject to change/Reservation in advance is required/Charges include service charge and taxes/The entire area is non-smoking/For hotel guests only/Food allergy information

Exquisite Atami Cuisine

The dining of Atami’s unique Japanese food

Japanese dining Hanabi offers Course Dinner of “Exquisite Atami Cuisine”. Atami is the gateway to the Izu Peninsula, who fishes the most splendid alfonsino in Japan and horned turban in Shizuoka Prefecture. Lots of the seasonal seafood is used in the courses. Through eating at Hanabi, you will feel the charm of the new Japanese food.

Free nursery service for children of our customers for during dinner time(First-come-first-served, reservation required).

Original design tableware

Our original tableware inspired by the fast sailing ships in Sagami Bay

The Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami original tableware are used for the sashimi and the hassun dish. The image of fast sailing ships in Sagami Bay before the wind of Atami is perfectly shown on the trays with wood-carving waves, tin ships and sails. The decent tin expresses the figure of elegant sailing ships.

The design of the tableware was supervised by “CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN”, who attracted lots of attention through their activities out of the framework of the existing design companies.