In April 2020, “Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Kohamajima” will open in Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa

“Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Kohamajima,” locates in Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture, the southwesternmost part of Japan, will grand open on April 20, 2020. This beach resort has the beautiful sea, and white sand spreading out over 1.19 square kilometers (0.46 square miles) and overlooks the largest coral reef “Sekisei Lagoon” in the northern hemisphere. Spend your holidays on the island of Okinawa on the beach with comfortable wind and warm weather.

Swim with manta rays around the beach resort

Surrounded by the world’s treasure coral reefs and white sand beaches, this resort hotel locates in a remote island of Okinawa. Its guestrooms are in separated buildings. All the rooms are at least 53 square meters (570 square feet). The multi-cultures meals intertwine the original tastes of ingredients. The giant manta rays swim in the cobalt-blue sea. Come to enjoy the beach from the golden sunrise to the starry sky.


The cobalt-blue sea where the world’s treasure
coral reefs and manta rays live in

Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture, are formed by many unique islands. The islands spread around “Sekisei Lagoon.” the largest coral reef in the northern hemisphere. There are hundreds of kinds of corals live in the sea, and there are many sea creatures with various size, such giant manta rays to colorful fish. RISONARE Kohamajima locates at the eastern end of Kohamajima Island with the beautiful shallow sea with shoals.


The beach resort
everyone can comfortably enjoy.

The beach adjacent to RISONARE Kohamajima is one of the largest in Okinawa. Everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay while surrounded by the dazzling white-sand beach with blooming bougainvillea and allamanda.


Events and activities for you
to enjoy throughout the year

At RISONARE Kohamajima, we have seasonal ways to enjoy the sea and beaches. In summer, admire the “fish field,” full of colorful tropical fish and coral reefs. In spring and autumn, overlook the starry sky and magnificent Milky Way from the sandy beach. In winter, windsurf in the shoaling sea with nicely blowing wind.


The resort stay
starting from the beach

After having a great time at the beach and the sea, take a nap in the day-bed of the guestroom with the gentle south breeze and taste a variety of dishes of ingredients natural flavor at the restaurant would be a great idea. We also have SPA providing treatments using moon peaches and shequasar (Taiwan flat lemon, Citrus depressa), the golf courses at the south-western end of Japan, and an outdoor pool for you to enjoy the blessings and healing atmosphere of the remote islands of Okinawa with calm people and nature.

About Risonare

Kids in the woods

Have a surprising holiday satisfying your heart of playfulness… The special experience in RISONARE

At RISONARE, we have many special activities for you to enjoy the nature blessings of the land in season and have fun in nature at the same time. Join the ones you like and enjoy the holiday as you please.


Have delicious seafood and enjoy the moment with your loved ones at the restaurant

Enjoy the finest seasonal local food in this area. The ingredients provided are from the selected production areas and producers to ensure their safety to all customers.


Spending your time living in the space where the nature and architecture coexist in harmony

The rooms of RISONARE express the features and scenery of the area. The nature right out of the rooms satisfies the intellectual curiosity and is joyful to adults as well as children.



Reservations start in autumn 2019