Access Map

By AirplaneTo Ishigaki Island

Travel to Ishigaki Island by airplane
There are direct flights to Ishigaki Airport, and flights transfer
through Naha Airport to Ishigaki Airport.

* Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Transocean Air,
Solaseed Air, Peach Aviation

By ShipFrom Ishigaki Island to Kohama Island

From Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki Port. To Kohama Island Kohama Port by high speed ​​ferry
From Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal to Kohama Port, there are high speed ​​ferrys of Yaeyama Kanko Ferry and Anei Kanko.

* You can use the high speed ferry ticket you bought from Yaeyama Kanko Ferry
or Anei Kanko, both companies accept the ticket to board.

Island mapKohama Island Access Map

From Kohama Port to the hotel by the shuttle bus
The staff will welcome you at Kohama Port. It takes about 10 minutes
by shuttle bus to the hotel. Please check the shuttle bus schedule for details.

* There are no taxis or public buses in Kohama Island. You are welcome to
rent a car, a motorbike, or a bicycle, etc. to travel in the island.
* The shuttle bus schedule will be announced from the end of March 2020.