Beach Resort

OverviewAbout Beach Resort

Beach Resort focuses on the beach pleasure and the way to spend your time at the beach. You will experience the beauty and the unknown wonderfulness of the beach and the sea throughout a day or a year. At RISONARE Kohamajima, we have a new travel style, “Beach Resort,” with the concept, “Local Charm x Resort Stay.” You can enjoy the beach in seasonal ways throughout a year, our unique marine experiences and extensive activities, all-suite rooms with iconic wallboards representing Kohama Island, and meals in harmony with your stay.

01.Private Resort

The Small,
Private Luxury

“Kohama Island” locates in the center of the Yaeyama Islands. At the endless white sand beach overlooking the coral reefs of the cobalt blue sea, there are numerous ways to enjoy the beach and the sea throughout a year. You can have the best experience at the time of the day. In the lounge floating on the sea in the early morning, you will see the “sunrise lounge on the sea,” the scenery of the morning sun elegantly changes its expression from time to time. In the “Tin Gala hammock,” you will melt into the night sky with 21, the largest number of first magnitude stars you can see in Japan, and with the Milky Way shining in the night sky like a different world. Be together, have fun, and spend a wonderful time on the beach from the beginning to the end of the trip at RISONARE Kohamajima. We built the private beach resort that continues to evolve and make the vacation be a dream come true.


Only 60 all-suite rooms
are set in the 294-acre

All rooms are suites with 53 square meters or more facing the east side of Kohama Island, and having the best views of the sea. The bougainvillea and allamanda flowers, island banana and adan trees outside of the windows deliver a calm atmosphere of the southern island. The luxurious “Royal Suite” is 95 square meters, and has a private pool, an outdoor jetted-bathtub, and a gazebo. It is your private mansion. All of the stylish art walls in the rooms express the charm of Kohama Island you’re going to see. They show the sea and islands of Yaeyama, the goats leisurely living on the island, the manta rays swimming gracefully, and so on. The art walls designed by the architect unit “Klein Dytham Architects (KDa)” make you excited about your stay. Please spend a luxury holiday on the remote island of Okinawa.


The advanced experiences
bring you new feelings
every time you visit

The futuristic activities like the adventure to the unknown can only be realized by staying on the remote island of Okinawa. We provide multiple different vehicles, such as the power-assisted bicycle for you to go through the vast field of the area while overlooking the sea of ​​Kohama and feeling the gentle breeze. The vehicle is not only for transportation, but also entertainment that you can enjoy without worrying about the time and location. Just go out for the best views at the best time. We provide electric scooters and vehicle on and in the water to introduce new fun ways and new values of the resort which may change travelers’ view and transfer here to the “Vehicle Heaven.”