Spending your time living in the space where
the nature and architecture coexist in harmony

The rooms of RISONARE express the features and scenery of the area. The nature right out of the rooms satisfies the intellectual curiosity and is joyful to adults as well as children.

Superior Suite

Villa-style suites with modern bathrooms and king-size beds.

In our popular suite, you can relax and enjoy your private time in the relaxing day bed facing the terrace. Enjoy an extraordinary stay in the stylish design and modern interior.

Deluxe Suite

Suites with a king-size bed for you to stay at the waterfront facing the lagoon

While overlooking the lagoon, the luxury guest room has an open design that links living room, the day bed, and the terrace. Enjoy the healing time and relax in the bathroom with a shower booth.

Ambassador Suite

Suites with an outdoor jacuzzi and a modern bathroom

Ambassador Suites features the outdoor jaccuzzis in the terraces and the modern bathrooms. Have a blissful time in the rooms with the outdoor terrace, sauna room, and bathroom.

Royal Suite

Suites with pools and privacy. Make you feel at home

Royal Suites are the largest rooms in the hotel. It has a private pool and a jacuzzi on the large terraces facing the lagoon. Relax with your loved ones at the waterfront at the private pool. Have a luxurious stay in harmony.

At the restaurant
in the Island
Have a delicious moment
with your loved ones

Enjoy the wonderful local food and fell the season changing. The ingredients provided are from the selected production areas and producers to ensure their safety to customer.

Dinner Buffet Dining

Time flies when you chat with other visitors
at the waterfront restaurant on the calm Kohama Island

From dishes that the chef cooks in front of you, to sweets with unique characteristics, the buffet dining offers a variety of food combining the flavors of ingredients. Enjoy the satisfying meal on the southern island with the best waterfront subtropical resort hospitality when overlooking the outdoor pool and lagoon.

Dinner From 6:00pm – 8:30pm (hotel guests only)
Adults: 5,000 yen, 7-11 year olds: 3,500 yen, 4-6 year olds: 2,500 yen, 0-3 year olds: free

Breakfast Buffet Dining

Taste the rare southern
vegetables and sweets
Enjoy their texture and deliciousness in the restaurant

Buffet dining has a variety of rare southern food and sweets. Feeling the sea breeze from the poolside, have a refreshing morning, or a calm lunch. Be happy while having a sweet in the morning. Our dining’s recommending “Black Sugar French Toast” is essential in the Okinawa remote islands morning.

Breakfast 7:00am – 9:30am (Close by 10:00am)
Adults: 2,800 yen, 7-11 year olds: 1,960 yen, 4-6 year olds: 1,400 yen, 0-3 year olds: free
Lunch 11:30am -2:00pm (Close by 2:30pm)
800 yen –

Have a surprising holiday satisfying your heart of playfulness – The special experience in RISONARE

At RISONARE, we have many special activities for you to enjoy the nature blessings of the land in the season and have fun in nature at the same time. Join the ones you like and enjoy the holiday as you please.

Experience 01


The beach adjacent to RISONARE Kohamajima is one of the largest in Okinawa. Everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay while surrounded by the dazzling white-sand beach with blooming bougainvillea and allamanda.

Duration: Wednesday, April 1 to Saturday, October 31
Time: 9:00-18:00 {9am-6pm} (varies depending on the season)
Rental: beach chairs, parasols, children’s life jackets, arm floating rings
Note: Beach activities vary depending on the program (details will be announced on February 1)

Experience 02


At the lagoon area in the center of RISONARE Kohamajima, visitors can enjoy the lagoon pool with the “infinity edge” in many different ways, such as swimming leisurely or reading by the pool.

Business period: Wednesday, April 1 to Saturday, October 31
Business hours: 9:00-18:00 {9am-6pm}
Overview: width 25m (82 ft), water depth 1.4m (4.6 ft)
Rental: beach chairs, beach beds, parasols, children’s life jackets, arm floating rings, floating rings (limited number)

Experience 03

Spring, beaches in warm Yaeyama Islands open from late March

The beach of RISONARE Kohamajima is one of the largest in Okinawa. Every year, the beach opens in March with the highest temperature over 28°C (82.4°F). On the white sand beach, seasonal events, such as “Blossoming RISONARE (April-June),” are held. Have fun on the beach and in the sea at the southwesternmost area of Japan.

Wednesday, April 1 to Tuesday, June 30 (The duration varies depending on the content, the details will be announced on February 1)

Experience 04

Summer, the season Okinawa remote islands are most lively and fun

The summer season, especially late June to mid-July, is the most beautiful time of Okinawa sea. You can enjoy various sea activities such as visiting the white sand beach, snorkeling, or diving. In the Gajumaru Hiroba adjacent to the beach, you can relax in the hammock hanging on the trees with books you want to read during your trip.

Wednesday, July 1 to Wednesday, September 30 (The duration varies depending on the content, the details will be announced on February 1)

Healed by Kohama Island surrounded by the sea,
Have a time full of peace

At RISONARE Kohamajima Spa, spend some time to revive your mind and body with the high-quality essential oil scent and the oil treatment with flowing rhythm and smooth touch. (details will be announced on February 1)

In the extraordinary course overlooking the sea surrounded by coral reefs,
refresh your body and soul when playing in the paradise

RISONARE Kohamajima Country Club is the warmest golf course on the southwesternmost edge of Japan, located 400km southwest away from the main island of Okinawa, in the center of the Yaeyama Islands. The annual average maximum temperature is about 32°C (89.6°F), and the average minimum temperature is about 16°C (60.8°F). You can enjoy golf play all year round with a stable temperature.
[Notice] Kohamajima Country Club (Japanese) only, Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – Opened in the spring of 2020.