At the restaurant in the Island,
have a delicious moment with your loved ones

Enjoy the wonderful local food and fell the season changing.
The ingredients provided are from the selected production areas
and producers to ensure their safety to our customers.


* Hotel Containment action activated for COVID-19 prevention



Time flies when you chat with other
visitors at the waterfront restaurant
on the calm Kohama Island

the dining "Ooli Ooli" offers a variety of food combining the flavors of ingredients. Enjoy the satisfying meal on the southern island with the best waterfront subtropical resort hospitality when overlooking the outdoor pool and lagoon.

Dinner 6:00pm〜8:30pm (order by 8:30pm)
* Provide buffet menu
* The content may change without notice on the day
Breakfast 7:00am〜9:30am (close by 10:00am)
* Provide buffet menu
* The content may change without notice on the day
* Please wear a mask when you go to the buffet board. (dinner and breakfast)
Lunch 12:00am〜2:00pm (close by 2:30pm)



Reading time
at the seaside cafe

Enjoy your favorite books and coffee at the comfortable book cafe, which overlooks the emerald-green sea. There are a variety of books, such as beautiful photo books and travel books. Relax and enjoy reading at your favorite places, such as a cafe seat at the beach to feel the south wind flows or a hammock under the banyan tree.

* Cafe menu hours 11:00am-4:00pm (order by 3:30pm)
* Subject to change depending on the season