A restaurant for you to enjoy a variety of food, from four kinds of grilled dishes, that the chef cooks on the iron griddle, to our signature desserts of different characteristics. The subtropical hospitality and the open space that you can talk lively are the features of this resort. Have a meal with your loved ones while feeling the sea breeze in the morning, enjoying the peaceful moments in the daytime, and overlooking the lit-up pool at night.


<About providing dinner and breakfast buffet menu>
RISONARE Kohamajima from dinner on, July 1, 2020
Dinner and breakfast at the restaurant “Ooli Ooli”
Change from set menu to buffet menu.
(Please wear a mask when you go to the buffet board.
The content may change without notice on the day)


* Hotel Containment action activated for COVID-19 prevention



Time flies when you chat with other visitors
at the waterfront restaurant on the calm Kohama Island

From dishes that the chef cooks in front of you, to sweets with unique characteristics, the dining offers a variety of food combining the flavors of ingredients. Enjoy the satisfying meal on the southern island with the best waterfront subtropical resort hospitality when overlooking the outdoor pool and lagoon.

Hotel guests only / Allergy policy / Reserve anniversary items (cakes, flower arrangements, etc.)



Taste the rare southern vegetables and sweets.
Enjoy their texture and deliciousness in the restaurant.

Restaurant has a variety of rare southern food and sweets. Feeling the sea breeze from the poolside, have a refreshing morning, or peaceful daytime. Be happy while having a sweet in the morning.

We do not accept reservations / Free for children of/under 3 years old / Allergy policy


A la carte

Enjoy a unique dining time surrounded
by the calm island atmosphere

The Okinawan culture is in the air during lunch time. The dishes on the à la carte menu are perfect for the peaceful lunch time on Kohama Island. There are the “Taco rice” unique to Okinawa with tacos on rice; Yaeyama soba, which uses a variety of toppings different in taste and appearance from Japanese soba, and curry rice that is a must for lunch.

Business hours
12:00am-2:00pm (close by 2:30pm)
A la carte
1,300 yen –

We do not accept reservations / Free for children of/under 3 years old / Allergy policy