Ryukyu Spa

Be healed by the nature of Kohamajima surrounded
by the sea, A moment of peace.

At RISONARE Kohamajima Spa, spend some time to revive your mind and body
with the high-quality essential oil scent and the oil treatment with flowing rhythm and smooth touch.



Resonating with Ryukyu, healed
by the sea A peaceful time unique
to the resort.

We connect Ryukyu and the people who visit Ryukyu with icharibacho-de- (heart of hospitality) and bring you beauty and health.

Contact us
Business hours 2:00pm-10:00pm (come by 8:00pm)
Reservations are available after hotel check-in. (Reservation before check-in is not available. For hotel guests only.)


  • Sky (Tin)

    Leave yourself to the slowly flowing "island time" in Kohama Island. Be surrounded by the aroma you choose, enjoy the whole-body treatment, loose your scalp up with the rhythm of the waves on the white sandy beach, and you will be lead to deep relaxation.

  • Coral reef (Pii)

    Choose your favorite pack and scrub to have a gentle whole-body treatment. The pack and scrub use excellent moisturizing Okinawa's natural materials, such as hibiscus, flat lemon, beauty coral, etc.

  • Prayer (Ningai)

    In the gentle aroma, have the whole-body and head treatment, and have your tired feet loosen up. Leave yourself to the leisurely flowing "island time" in Kohama Island, and you will be lead to deep relaxation.

  • Earth (Jii)

    We will loosen up your whole body carefully while stretching your tired body due to golfing and activities, and massage your scalp along with a relaxing wave rhythm. Our service will lead you to comfortable relaxation.