“Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Nasu” will open in the autumn of 2019 in the Nasu area in Tochigi prefecture

The resort has about 138,000 square meters at the mountainside of Nasu-dake. You can feel the seasons through the flowing stream, the wet fields, the trees and the flowers here. The resort’s buildings coexist with nature perfectly. Come to feel the culture and the seasons of Nasu, and spend the holidays in the forest.

Back to nature, back to yourself

Brilliant in every season, this exceptionally designed highland resort beckons with deep woods, gurgling mountain streams, and superb views from each unique room. Agritourism programs invite you to tend the very produce and herbs you’ll savor in Mediterranean-inspired feasts. As you reconnect with the earth and its waters you may find that you’ve embarked on a fulfilling journey right back to your most natural way of being.


Get close to the area’s original
landscape of grown crops

The agriculture and dairy in Nasu Kogen have been developed since Meiji era. Thus, its landscape is a combination of nature’s and people’s activities. In the hotel site, there are rice fields, dry fields, and green houses for you to experience from sowing to harvesting, each stage of crops growing.


The guest rooms spread
in the natural forest

The rich original scenery of Nasu is delivered by the forest to you through the room’s windows. They show the sprouting in spring, the soften sunlight in summer, the fruit bearing in autumn and the arrival of winter, and gently protect us from the winds blowing from Nasu mountains in winter.


Feeling the farming activities
when you eat and spend time here

This is an Agriturismo Resort, which links agriculture and tourism through people’s activities with the idea of HARVEST. The nature blessings in this land would propose the best vacation according to the time you arrive.


The activities proposal for you
to enjoy the nature

You can have a great fun of forest living through various activities, from pizza making with the ingredients just harvested, sweet potato roasting under fluffy fallen leaves, water activities in summer, snow activities in winter, forest walking, workshops of seasonal herbs, to the time doing nothing.

About Risonare

Kids in the woods

Have a surprising holiday satisfying your heart of playfulness – The special experience in RISONARE

At RISONARE, we have many special activities for you to enjoy the nature blessings of the land in the season and have fun in nature at the same time. Join the ones you like and enjoy the holiday as you please.

Vino e Verdura

At the restaurant in the forest Have a delicious moment with your loved ones

Enjoy the wonderful local food and fell the season changing. The ingredients provided are from the selected production areas and producers to ensure their safety to every customer.


Spending your time living in the space where the nature and architecture coexist in harmony

The rooms of RISONARE express the features and scenery of the area. The nature right out of the rooms satisfies the intellectual curiosity and is joyful to adults as well as children.



Reservations start in summer 2019