Hotel Containment action activated
for COVID-19 prevention

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Hotel Containment action activated for COVID-19 prevention

At Hoshino Resorts, we will promote the future services at each facility with the two measures axes of “hygiene management” and “three dense avoidance”. In "hygiene management", we mainly deal with disinfection inside the facility and check the health of our staff and customers. Regarding "three denseness avoidance", we will focus on creating an environment where "three denseness" is unlikely to occur from the perspective of customers, staff, and customers, and we will seriously work by changing conventional services.

<Specific measures for preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) infection>

Feature 1 "hygiene management" measures
In view of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the following measures will be implemented in the hotel to protect your health, safety and public hygiene.

• Upon check-in the body temperature measure are required during this period.
* Guests please kind understanding and follow the service policy, preventive measures to maintain public and personal health. If the body temperature is 37.5℃ /99.5℉ and higher, according to the policy of Local Health Center and we sincerely apologize for temporarily suspended receiving and accommodating for above situation.

• This includes thorough sanitation of guest rooms and public spaces, additional provision of alcoholic sanitizers across the resort.
• Introduced a humidifier that can maintain sufficient humidity in all guest rooms.
• Installed a splash prevention panel at the hotel front counter.
• In addition to regular guest room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water inside the hotel. In particular, all rooms are cleaned with alkaline electrolyzed water on parts that are touched by the hands (door knobs, drawers, refrigerator handles, remote controls, switches, etc.).
• Alcohol disinfectant is installed in various places in the building.
• Alcohol disinfection for all customers when entering the store.
• High temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or more), disinfection cleaning of food trays.
• Thoroughly manage hotel staff's health and hygiene. Wear a mask when serving indoors.

Feature 2 "three dense avoidance" measures
The following measures are taken in order to create a stay that avoids the "three denseness" of closed, dense, and close.

• Introduction of a large public bath congestion confirmation website. (You can see it on your smartphone)
• Restrictions on entrance / entrance at locations where congestion is confirmed during the stay.
• Implement congestion mitigation measures by managing occupancy of table seats.
• Enforcement of procession restrictions when checking out at hotel front.
• Provided "COVID-19 prevention buffet" from July 1, 2020. (The content may change without notice on the day)
• For those who wish, we will provide a take-out style service where you can take your food home to your room and have a meal. (Target: Restaurant "SHAKI SHAKI" dinner and breakfast)

Stay in a room

We disinfect and clean the room. Please spend a relaxing time in the guest room in harmony with the rich nature of Nasu.

Meals at restaurants and guest rooms

Alcohol disinfection is carried out for all customers when entering the restaurant. At the restaurant "SHAKI SHAKI", dinner and breakfast buffets provided "COVID-19 prevention buffet" from July 1, 2020 (The content may change without notice on the day). If you wish, you can bring your meal back to your room. Please choose two restaurants according to the usage scene, such as "OTTO SETTE NASU" where you can enjoy an Italian dinner course.
* The take-out menu will be packed with dishes recommended by the chef and handed to you.
* Please wear a mask when you eat buffet food.

Activity "Morning forest walk"

A guide will guide you through the vast and deep Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Nasu Forest. Let's walk together in the rich forest full of flora and fauna and find your favorite spot.

Agri Garden

In the agri garden surrounded by greenery, we practice a series of agricultural work from cultivation of fields to fertilizer production, sowing of vegetables and herbs, and harvesting, referring to organic farming methods advised by local farmers. Please spend time to feel nature and refresh yourself in the herb garden and fields. The harvested vegetables can be lined up in restaurants. Farmers' lessons every morning offer a year-round farming experience in the fields and greenhouses of Agri Garden.


The seat layout has been changed to maintain the social distance. You can also enjoy a freshly prepared pizza lunch at BOOKS & CAFE, which is a collection of agriturismo and books that make you feel close to nature.

Hotel Containment action activated
for COVID-19 prevention (Movie / Japanese)