In the restaurant “SHAKI SHAKI,” fresh vegetables raised by plenty of sunlight are lined up. Enjoy a meal at Agriturismo Resort with your loved ones as much as you like while choosing a variety of chef-friendly dishes that make use of the freshness of the ingredients.


<About providing dinner and breakfast buffet menu>
RISONARE Nasu from dinner on, July 1, 2020
Dinner and breakfast at the restaurant “SHAKI SHAKI”
Change from set menu to buffet menu.
(Please wear a mask when you go to the buffet board.
The content may change without notice on the day)



A restaurant for you to feel
the texture and taste of vegetables directly

The unique restaurant “SHAKI SHAKI” has vegetable motifs everywhere. The dinner includes Italian cold and hot dishes, and Roasted colorful vegetables, and the main dish, such as roast beef or pork porchetta, etc., is changed daily.

Reservation required / Free for 0-3 year olds



Chew and taste fresh vegetables well and enjoy the plateau breakfast.

For breakfast, we offer a menu, such as the salads of crispy vegetables, fragrant freshly baked bread, and omelets finished in front of you.

Breakfast is booked at check-in / Reservations are not accepted