A forest walk in the air (Level 1-4)

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To the aerial world
In the forest

The athletic course at 5-7 meters (16.4 - 23 ft) above ground in the Yatsugatake forest expands the aerial world in front of you. Please enjoy the special nature resort experience throughout your body. KIDS course at 1.5 meters (5 ft) above ground are available for children over 90 cm (2.95 ft) tall. You can use it as many times as you wish with the 1 hour free pass.

March 5th (Sat), 2022 - March 31st (Thu), 2022
March 5, 2022 - March 31, 2022
· Level 1-2: 3,200 yen / person
· Level 3: 3,600 yen / person
· Level 4: 3,600 yen / person
Intended for
Level 1-2: children over 110 cm (3.28 ft) ~ adults
Level 3: 11 years old ~ adults
Level 4: 13 years old ~ adults
* 6-year-olds and under attending level 1-4 must be accompanied by adults.
* children over 100 cm but less than 110 cm who attempt to attend Level 1 must have experienced KIDS course and be accompanied by adults.
* must be over 125 cm and 25 kg participate Level 3.
* 7- to 12-year-old children can go one level up with the accompanying adults.
* Weight limit: 90 kg (198.4 lb).
* Pregnant women is prohibited to participate.
Personal belongings
Clothes which is suitable for exercise and not worried to get dirty, and athletic shoes (long sleeves, long pants etc.)
* Please participate in warm clothes to cool down from October to November.
· Clothes may get dirty by touching trees and soil. We recommend changing clothes after this activity.
· The height restriction is due to the size of our safety equipment which only fit kids over 90 cm (2.95 ft). Levels 1-4 are restricted to people over 100 cm (3.28 ft) due to the scaffolding of the course and the height of the cable.
· We would cancel due to bad weather except rains.

■ Course details
・ Level 1: 6 items, total length 150m, height 5-7m
・ Level 2: Maximum 11 items, total length 250m, height 5-7m
・ Level 3: Maximum 16 items, total length 350m, height 5-7m
・ Level 4: Maximum 20 items, total length 400m, height 5-7m

■ Application
at Yatsugatake Activity Center
(no reservation on WEB and telephone)
(Reception is possible until the next day / accommodation only / no day trip)

■Cancellation Policy
the day of activity: 100% of total fee

The forest next to the hotel

■Time Required (75 min)
①Sign in, commute (15 min)
②Putting on safety gear, briefing of program (15 min)
③Start program (45 min)