Part I - Flower patchwork corridor (April 27 - May 6)

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A tulip petals flower patchwork corridor

The first part uses petals from tulips bulb cultivated to make the flower patchwork corridor. During the bulb cultivation, the flowers are cut and discarded when they're buds. The conventionally discarded beautiful by-products were used to make the flower patchwork corridor. This initiative has been continuing for 15 years by the support from the bulb producers. In 2019, you may enjoy the blooming cityscape of flowers from the ground to the overhead with "Flower patchwork corridor" made of tulip petals, flower falls coloring Bellini Tower in the center of the street, and new flower motif overhead decorations spreading on the 150m-long Piment Street. (April 27 - May 6)

The flower patchwork corridor is designed by local high school students with petals

The high school students who are interested in art and design were invited to design of the corridor to support their dreams by providing a presenting space for their works. Last year, Hokuto High School (Yamanashi Prefecture) and Fujimi High School (Nagano Prefecture) participated with 6 designs to color the corridor.

April 27, 2019 (Sat) - May 6, 2019 (Mon)
All day
Intended for
· Open time may be delayed due to the tulip growth.

■ Venue
Shopping Street ""Pimnet Street""

TEL. +81-551-36-5111 (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)