Firefly watching (June 13,2020 - July 12,2020)

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Firefly watching

The fireflies are summer symbols. Genji Fireflies in June, Heike Fireflies in July, are two kinds of representative fireflies in Japan at different times. Enjoy the fantastic fireflies' lights with your family or friends.(June 13,2020 - July 12,2020)

June 13 (Sat) - July 2 (Thu)
■ June 13,2020 (Sat) - July 2,2020 (Thu)
7:30pm - 9:00pm

■ July 3,2020 (Fri) - July 12,2020 (Sun)
7:50pm - 8:40pm
8:20pm - 9:10pm
Tour fee: 1,550 yen / per person
* The fee above includes
・Transportation between the hotel and the venue (round-trip)
・Guide fee
3 years old - adult (children must be accompanied by adults)
■ Capacity: 20 people
Personal belongings
eather fabric, comfortable shoes
· This program is only for our hotel guests.
· One way takes about 10-20 minutes by bus
· Please make sure to avoid the dinner time when you make a reservation.
· Strollers are prohibited
· Please come to Yatsugatake Activity Center by 17:00 (5pm).
· Program participants only. (Non-participant companions are only allowed for children under 3 years of age.)
· Please do not drive your own car to this program.
· Depending on the weather and temperatures, the number of fireflies can be observed may change.
· The program may cancel due to bad weather.

■ Application
WEB reservation
* When the reservation is full, you can sign up the waiting list on the reservation page.

· Hakushu Hotaru Water Park: one way takes about 20 minutes

· Otaki Yusui Spring Water: one way takes about 10 minutes

■ Time schedule
① Registration at Yatsugatake Activity Center (by 17:00)
② Meeting
③ Departure from hotel, transportation (10 to 20 minutes)
④ Firefly observation (30 minutes)
⑤ Transportation (10 to 20 minutes)
⑥ Hotel arrival
Reservation (reservation confirmation / change page)
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