Forest horse riding

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Let's go horse riding in the forest
Enjoy the rocking rhyme
On the horse's back

Kobuchisawa-cho is even known as the horse town, and this is a special horse riding experience that takes you to the forest there. Even first-timers in horse riding can enjoy at ease.

Towards the forest road where the seasonal colors are added.

A special horse riding experience into the deep forests. Please enjoy the breath of forest with the horse.

November 1, 2023 (Tue) - May 31, 2023 (Wed) (Except when the museum is closed/regular holiday: Tuesday)
About 2-4 times a day
■ 60 minutes (pick-up)
■ 60 minutes (private car)
■ 90 minutes (pick-up / private car)
60 min : 14,400yen
90 min : 16,000yen *From November 1, 2023 to Mar31, 2023
17,500yen *From April 1, 2023
Intended for
■ 60 minutes course
Elementary school 1st grade (6 years old) ~ adult
■ 90 minute course
Elementary school 3rd grade (8 years old) ~ adult
* If elementary school children are the only ones participating, they must be accompanied by a guardian. (Please wait on site from the start to the end of horse riding)
* Only participants can ride the shuttle bus. (However, if only elementary school children experience horseback riding, only one guardian can ride in the pick-up vehicle.)
*Limited to hotel guests
Personal belongings
Long sleeves, long pants, athletic shoes
* Short sleeves are also available in the summer.
* Because it gets cold from November to March, please wear warm clothes.
・ This is a guest-only program.
・ Landscape varies depending on the season. Please enjoy the nature of the four seasons.
・ It will be a horse riding experience for beginners. Experienced people are no longer an experience up to their feet.
・ We do not allow anyone other than program participants to accompany you.
・ It will take about 10 minutes one way.
・ We do not accept outside ride tours.
・ There is a rest house on site (no food and drink sales, etc.).
・ Rainy weather, stormy weather canceled.

■ Application
WEB reservation (by 5:00 pm the third day prior)
*Reservations are not confirmed at the time of application.
*We will contact you within 3 days after confirming the reservation status.

■Cancellation Policy
14 days - 3 days prior: 10% of total fee
2 days prior - the day of activity: 100% of total fee

■Meetup Place
Yatsugatake Activity Center

■ Venue
Canadian Camp Yatsugatake

■Time Required
①Meetup, sign in (10 min)
②Commute (30 min)
③Riding ground lesson (30 min)
④ Outside riding
60 minutes course 30 minutes
90 minutes course 60 minutes
⑤ End of experience (15 minutes)
⑥ Move (15 minutes)
⑦ Arrival at the hotel, dissolution
Make a reservation (on the confirmation / change page of reservation)
* Login is required