"Glamorous Red Wine Getaway"
Winter wine package

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Glamorous red wine getaway
At the winter resort

A Winter Resort Stay Package (January 25 - March 15, limited days of week / one room per day) recommended for wine enthusiasts.
This package includes a special wine lecture regards how to enjoy taste change of wine over time. Then, you can enjoy the dinner of pairing vegetables and red wines from Yamanashi or Nagano prefecture. The knowledge you've got from the lecture will make dinning experience more pleasant. Perfect plan for enjoying the charm of Japanese red wines in depth.

■ Glamorous Red Wine Getaway
with OTTO SETTE Italian dinner course
Friday, January 25, 2019 - Friday, March 15, 2019

■ Package includes
over night accommodation + OTTO SETTE Italian dinner course& Japanese wines + YYgrill buffet breakfast + Special Offer
* Limited to 1 room per day, up to 2 people per group

■ Charge
95,600 yen ~ (per night, per one person of two people in a room / with two meals / tax included)

■ Special Offer
① Private lesson "Works of Decanting wine " Learn about the red wine with decanting
② Hotel original herbal tea and relaxing items in the guest room
③ VINO SPA® treatment - 90 minutes -
④ Introducing to the wine cellar of "OTTO SETTE" which stores approximately 2,000 wines
⑤ Pool "il mare" free entry during stay (including before check-in and after check-out)

■ Recommended time schedule

- Check in
- Start the Wine getaway from the Wine suite reminiscent of Red Wine

- Participate in the wine lesson at YATSUGATAKE WINE HOUSE to know the land of Yatsugatake.

- To understand the relationship between the air and the taste through the wine lesson's special lecture "Works of Decanting wine"

- Experience "Vino e Verdura" at OTTO SETTE, to feel the seasons with Yatsugatake winter root vegetables

- Refreshing morning with Breakfast at YYgrill which buffet filled with fresh vegetable dishes.

- Check out

- Enjoy the body healing experience at VINO SPA®

· We do not accept reservation for guests under 20 years old.
· We are unable to offer wine to those who are pregnant or planning to drive.
· Please bring and show your ID or document for us to confirm your age at check-in
· The wine lineup may change depending on availability.
· Dinner "Vino e Verdura" is a course designed for you to enjoy the vegetables as leading role, and the marriage with pairing wine.
· The VINOSPA special treatment is a 90 minutes course (back, décolleté, face). Time change of course or time on the day may not be accepted.
· SPA is for relaxation purpose. If you are under these health condition, pregnant, going to hospital, existing diseases or visiting the hospital, we may not be able to serve you spa treatment even if no warning is provided by your doctor.
· SPA can be used regardless of gender.
· Even within the applicable period, there are some block-out days for this package.
· This is a one night accommodation package.
· Please apply at least 21 days before the day you planning to stay.
· Payment will be charged on your credit card immediately after your reservation is confirmed. No changing is possible after payment.
· Cancellation can only be accepted on the "reservation confirmation page". If you want to change your plan, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
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