A comprehensive rental collection from swimwear to swim ring.

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A comprehensive rental collection from swimwear to swim ring.

A wide variety of items for rental and sale including swimwear, swim ring, beach ball, etc. Even if you come with a busy schedule, you can still get everything you need for an Il Mare Stay.


ビーチステイに欠かせない多彩なアイテムを、イルマーレフロントとイルマーレ内ビーチレンタルコーナーにてお求めやすい価格で揃えております。ビーチでの滞在をより素敵にするHELLY HANSENのスイムウェアもご購入いただけます。

Open year-round (except closed days)
Same as Il Mare's business hours
■Rental Items
Beach ball: 300 yen
Swim Ring: 400 yen
Swimwear: from 500 yen
Boat: from 800 yen
Matching swimsuits Rental: 500 yen / per swimsuit (For adult women, adult men, girls, and boys.)
Beach Dress Rental: 500 yen / per dress
*Each rental item is available in one kind
*Swimwear for maternity and kids are also available

■Free rental (after entering Il Mare)
Towel, swim vest, toy, kickboard, air pump
■For sale
Goggle: from 1,500 yen
Swimwear: from 1,990 yen
Beach ball: 900 yen
Swim ring: from 1,300 yen
Hair rubber: from 200 yen
*Each item for sale is available in one kind

HELLY HANSEN uses the concept of "from ocean to mountain", and bases their ideas on the traditional Norwegian way of thinking - "living in the nature as it is", to make a collection of outdoor wear that support a variety of activities from those in the ocean to those in the mountain.
Men's swimwear: from 6,800 yen (tax not incl.)
Ladies' swimwear (top & bottom): from 12,400 yen (tax not incl.)
Kids' swimwear: from 4,200 yen (tax not incl.)
Rash guard: from 4,200 yen (tax not incl.)
T-shirt: from 3,500 yen (tax not incl.)
Shirt: from 6,800 yen (tax not incl.)
*Each swimwear is available in one kind. The prices listed are for sale.
・Can be used before check-in (please leave your baggage to the front desk)
・Can be used after entering Il Mare front desk and into Il Mare
・Rental items for kids are also available

■ Inquiries
TEL.+81-551-36-5111(10:00 a.m. - 7:00p.m.)