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Barbecue on Piment Street
to enjoy the vegetables sold in Marche

The barbecue space will open on Piment Street. There are cooking counter, grill, cutlery, and condiments. Taste the ingredients you chose with favorite order or try the producers' recommendations, and you may discover new ways to enjoy the vegetables. Not only vegetables, but you can also grill other original barbecue ingredients such as Frankfurt sausages sold at the store on Piment Street. Enjoy them with your favorite wine from Yatsugatake wine house or local beer from the hotel shop. * Do not bring in food from outside of the facility. (July 20,2020 - August 31,2020)

July 20,2020 - August 31,2020 Every day
11:00am - 2:00pm(LO.1:30pm)
1,000 yen (barbecue space using fee, dishes, cutlery, condiments)
* Barbecue special menu: from 400 yen
■ Barbecue special menu
· VINOTECA: chicken roti
· Kiyosato Ham: bacon skewers, Wiener sausage skewers, Kiyosato Frankfurt sausages
· Vegibier: Brochette of venison and vegetables
· urban's camp Yatsugatake: venison Frankfurt sausages, beef steak skewers
· Soba Roku: salt-grilled char
* The items are subject to change depending on their availability.
Intended for
Accommodation and outpatients are acceptable
■Location::Piman Street

■ For inquiry
TEL.+81-551-36-5111 (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)