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Enjoy the journey
with Hoshino Resorts original items

The new Hoshino Resorts original items are sold in RISONARE Yatsugatake Books & Cafe. The original "TRAVELER'S notebook" with Hoshino Resorts logo engraved on the leather cover is designed for you to write down your feeling on the trip, to attach photos, or to save the tickets, to leave a record of the journey freely in your style. There are also Brass ballpoint pens engraved with the logo, stickers designed with the logo and the famous attractions of Hoshino Resorts. Please enjoy the fun of customizing them according to your style.

Leather cover with Hoshino Resorts logo engraved

The design increases the exciting mood of the journey

The icons express the sceneries in the trip and the activities unique to the land

Hoshino Resorts original tumbler

There are three designs. Get your favorite one to use during the stay and in your everyday life after the trip.
· Exciting (gray base)t
Expresses the joy of traveling around different places with clear printing. The design will never make you bored.

· Simple (white base)
The logo is printed vertical, simple but playful in Hoshino Resorts style.

· Have a nice Trip (khaki base)
Owl is said to be the "lucky bird." There are wild owls living in Karuizawa, the start of Hoshino Resorts. It is drawn with the wish of "Having a nice Trip".

① Leather cover with Hoshino Resorts logo engraved
- Price: TRAVELER'S notebook 4,840 yen

② refill
- Price: 638 yen

③ sticker
- Price: 396 yen

④ brass ballpoint pen
- Price: 2,640 yen

⑤ original tumbler
- Price: 3,520 yen
- Specification: KINTO day off tumbler (W325 × D480 × H230 / 500ml / vacuum double structure)

- Sales location:
RISONARE Yatsugatake Books & Cafe
■ For inquiry
TEL.+81-551-36-5111 (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)