New Water Kids Area opens

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New water play
Kids Area is open

Pool "il Mare" is going to be re-opened with new water play area for kids. It will have playful fountains and water sliders for kids and a relaxing wooden deck area for adults.

Waterful Excitement

New watery kids area,3057 ft², which has 10 watery play equipment and a wooden deck area, is perfect area for family with infants to tweens.

Design concept of this area is inspired by a forest where frogs, bugs and others are living.
We wish children to enjoy water like little frogs play with water in the forest energetically.

Leafy Forest Wall Arts

On the wall of area, leafy forests are drawn for 3 meters height × 20 meters length. You can find bugs and frogs are playing in leaves. Expressing depth of forest with varieties of green like deep green of energetic lives, pale green reflecting rain or sunshine and etc.

Watery play equipment
with leaf motif

All the 7 kinds of watery play equipment is designed in the motif of leaves. Ingenuity to tickle the curiosity of children are everywhere in this place, such as, seeing how the shape of water changes and knowing the comfort of touching water.

Our water debut supporting programs answers guests' needs of "willing to let children experience something new while on trip" and "have your children play water safely and with fun."

Care and relax, place for parents in forest

In a place overlooking the area, a wooden deck with sofas and parasol of leaf motif are there for parents. On the wooden deck, parents can watch children while relaxing. Warm pool with a bench (Dormant) are equipped so that parents can enjoy a foot bath and play with water.

Business hours and contents will change during the period from for the time being. Please be sure to check Pool page before visiting.
* For the time being only for hotel guests. (day guests cannot use)
* In Pool "il Mare
Same as Ilmare business hours
■Recommended Age
0〜12 years old(no limitation on age, some equipment has height limitation)
Intended for
Hotel guest only
No need for reservation