Ski & snowboard items rental

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Snow items rental

We offer free snow equipment rental for our hotel guests. This year, we upgraded the lighter skis and snowboards which are easier to be handle than the old ones. Enjoy the comfortable snow resort with the stylish and latest gears. (Dec 15th ~ Mar 31st)

Free ski and snow board rental for our hotel guests

A free rental service of a variety of snow equipment for our hotel guests to enjoy the snow resort
■ Rental items
· Skis, ski boots, ski poles/sticks
· Snowboards, snowboard boots
· Wears, gloves, goggles
· Hat for children
· Boots for snow playing (limited quantity)

December 15, 2018 (Sat) - March 31, 2019 (Sun) Everyday (except when hotel is closed)
■ Wears, accessories
7:30 am - 6:00 pm

■ Boots, skis/snowboards, ski poles/sticks
7:30 am - 5:30 pm (Last order 5:00 pm)
Free (Hotel guests only)
Intended for
■ Size of wears & equipment
· Wears: 70 cm ~ LL (for both skiing and snowboarding, unisex)
* Unisex size available from 3S.
· Ski boots for children: 15 cm ~ 23 cm
· Ski boots for adults: 22 cm ~ 29.5 cm
· Skis for children: 70 cm ~ 140 cm
· Skis for adults: 140 cm ~ 170 cm
· Ski poles/sticks: 70 cm to 125 cm
· Snowboard boots for children: 17.5 cm ~ 21 cm
· Snowboard boots for adults: 22 cm ~ 29 cm
· Snowboards for children: 80 cm ~ 125 cm
· Snowboards for adults: 139 cm ~ 154 cm
· Gloves for children: KS ~ JL
· Gloves for adults: S ~ L
· Goggles: for children and for adults
· Knit caps: Only for children
· Boots: 14 cm ~ 28 cm (limited quantity)
* WE do not have goggles for glasses wearers
Personal belongings
· Inner wears (fleece, trainer, inner for winter)
· Thick socks
· Hats (for adults only)
· Sunscreen (snow burn prevention)
· Portable warmer
· Ticket holder (available for purchase)
· No reservations for rental items.
· In order to serve more guests, we refuse to rent ski equipment, snowboard equipment, and snow playing equipment at the same time on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and new year
· It is a self-rental service that customers choose the items, such as wears and boots, themselves. Please plan sufficient time in Yatsugatake Activity Center. (About 60 minutes are required for the whole process)
· Rental is available before check-in and after check-out.
· Rental items are available for multiple-night stay.
· If the rental items are insufficient, please ask our staff.
· We do not have skiboards.
· No rental for skis only.
· We are unable to rent skis to guests with ski boots.
· We have ski shuttle buses (to the partner ski resorts).
· If the ski shuttle bus is full, please take the next one.
· No reservations for ski shuttle buses.
· No pets on the ski shuttle buses.
· For those who head to the ski resort with private cars, please carry the rental items in your own car.

■ Application
· Yatsugatake Activity Center, on the day (no reservation)

■ Venue
· Yatsugatake Activity Center: Wear, accessories rental (gloves, wears, goggles, hats)
· Snow Resort Center: Gear rental (skis/snowboards, boots, ski poles/sticks, long boots)

■ Flow of the day 【About 60 minutes required】
① Receive at Yatsugatake Activity Center / Purchase Lift Ticket
② Wear rental / changing clothes (about 30 minutes)
③ Go to Snow Resort Center with wearing clothes (about 5 minutes on foot)
④ equipment rental (about 30 minutes)
⑤ Get on the ski shuttle bus or go by private car

Ski shuttle bus (free) timetable
* It will take more time when crowded on the day, so please plan with sufficient time in advance.