Water School

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Experience Water School
at Yatsugatake and Southern Alps

Experience the unusual activities in the river in nature. Try to observe the waterside creatures, or jump into the river without thinking, please enjoy and feel the clear water under the blessing of Yatsugatake and the Southern Alps with your whole body.

Have fun in one of the cleanest rivers in Japan

Enjoy the unique outdoor experience with your family.

August 1, 2020 (Sat) - August 31, 2020 (Mon)
■ Venue
Morning: Kamanashi River
Afternoon: Ojiro River
Tour fee 3,000 yen / per person (insurance included)
* The fee above includes
・Transportation between the hotel and the venue (round-trip)
・Life jacket rental for children
・Guide fee
Intended for
Children from 2 years old to elementary school students / Parents must participate [Pay] / Children 0 years and 1 years old can not participate
(Morning): recommended to 2-6-year-olds (going to Kamanashi River to observe various creatures)
(Afternoon): recommended to 7-12-year-olds (going to Ojiro River with slightly lower water temperature but fun for river activities)
■ Capacity: 15 people
Personal belongings
Swimwear, goggles, shoes for water activities, change of clothes (rash guard recommended / sandals or footwear that can not fit the feet without moving may flow away. Please wear sports sandals or marine shoes)
* Guardians also have to prepare.
· This program is only for our hotel guests.
· One way takes about 15-30 minutes by bus
· Program participants only.
· Please do not drive your own car to this program.
· Even if it's sunny, the program may cancel if the water level is too high due to the influence of rain.
· There is no place to change clothes at the venue.

■ Application
WEB reservation (by 5:00pm the day before)
* When the reservation is full, you can sign up the waiting list on the reservation page.

■ Payment method
・ Cash settlement
・ Card payment
・ Room
* Payment can be made at Yatsugatake Activity Center.

■Cancellation Policy
・10 days before: 20% of the travel price
・7 days before: 30% of the travel price
・The day before: 40% of the travel price
・On the day: 50% of the travel price
・After the start: 100% of the travel price
* Applied after the conclusion of the contract.

■ Meeting place
Yatsugatake Activity Center

■ Time schedule
① Registration, meeting (15 minutes)
② Departure from hotel, transportation (15-30 minutes)
③ Water activities (75-90 minutes)
④ Transportation (15-30 minutes)
⑤ Hotel arrival, dissmiss

This program is a recruitment type planning trip.
The travel business agreement (recruitment type travel contract section) applies.
Please also read the travel conditions manual.

RISONARE Yatsugatake Office
〒408-0044 129-1 Kobuchizawa-machi, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Travel business handling manager: Shigeru Horigome, Kei Sato
* Travel service manager
Responsible for dealings at sales offices handling your travels.
If you have any questions regarding the travel contract, the handling manager will eventually explain.

Travel business registration table, recruitment type agreement, special guarantee rules (PDF)

Explanation of travel conditions (PDF)
Make a reservation (on the confirmation / change page of reservation)
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