Walking on the water in the pool at night, "SUP Cruise"

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Walking on the water
in the pool at night
"SUP Cruise"

A reservation-required activity program for you to enjoy the pool at night. Stand on the surfboard and paddle on the rippled water.

SUP cruise will be closed from for the time being.
* Business hours and contents will change during the period from for the time being. Please be sure to check Pool page before visiting.
8:15 pm - 8:55 pm (Held once a day)
2,600 yen / board (lecture included)
* For customers without accommodation packages which pool usage is included (day trip visitors, corporate members, etc.), pool entry fee will be charged separately.
Intended for
10-year-olds to adults (Children under 10 years old can only participated with an adult on the same board)
· Constant: 5 boards each time
Personal belongings
swimwear (swimwear available for rent (with charge)
· For all those who are going to experience SUP, please attend the lecture.
· For safety, only person at least 10 years old is allowed to paddle.
· Each SUP board can be used up to 2 adults at the same time.
· Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the SUP board.
· No common swimming is allowed in the main pool in the SUP exclusive time
· those who are not experiencing SUP can use other areas except the main pool (kids area, cafe, ball pool, etc.)
· The price is the rental fee (lectures included) for one SUP board.
· Pool entrance fee is not included and should be paid separately.

■ Application
WEB reservation or at il mare front desk (until 1 hour before the experience time)
* Reservations are only for our hotel guests. Those who use it as visitors (day trip) can be accepted at Yatsugatake Activity Center if there is available slots on the day.

■ Cancellation policy
3-14 days prior: 10% of the total fee
1-2 days prior or the same day: 100% of the total fee

■ Meeting place
Pool "ilmare" beach

■ Venue
Pool "ilmare" main pool

■ Time required (SUP experience total 45 minutes (lecture 15 minutes + SUP 30 minutes))
① Put on swimwear in the changing room
② Check in at the beach side
③ Practice on land, paddle operation explanation (15 minutes)
④ SUP experience (30 minutes)
⑤ end
Make a reservation (on the confirmation / change page of reservation)
* Login is required