The Mariage of vegetables and wine
 Vino e Verdura

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A course dinner to taste the marriage of vegetables and wine

“Vino e Verdura“ is a special course which pairs every dishes with its perfect matching wine. The wine and dishes are both made by the produce of Yatsugatake, thus form a perfect combination.

Course "Vino e Verdura"

Our seasonal course can only be tasted in a restricted period of time. The simple seasoning magnifies the nature flavor of vegetables. You can feel the season in your mouth. The spirit of the dishes is Chef Masai's thought: "I want to offer the fresh and colorful vegetable that can only be harvested from Yatsugatake, the land with blessed natural environment"

Deep flavor is woven by seasonal vegetables × wine

A glass of local wine from Yamanashi and Nagano, the well-known wine-producing places of Japan, is paired with every dish. Please enjoy a glass of Yamanashi & Nagano's wine. The matched wine of each dish is selected from the various wines, from soft fragrance and silky taste to rich fragrances and rich taste.

The water, air, and ingredients of the land meet each other here

Enjoy the high-merging marriage of the ingredients brought up by the meet of the soil, water and air of this land which increase each other's flavor.

Open year-round (except closed days)
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24,500yen / person
* Check the OTTO SETTE page
· Please reserve at least 7 days in advance
· Depending on the purchase situation, the course content and ingredients production area may change

■ For inquiry
TEL.+81-551-36-5200 (9:00am-7:00pm)