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Resonate Experiences


Meet Japanese fine wines
in Wine Resort

At "Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake," various kinds of wine related experiences are here for you to get to know more about Japanese fine wines made in Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture.

01. Wine Stay Plan
for four seasons

For each season, original wine stay plans feature four seasons and its wine. Romantic Spring, breezy Summer, Nouveau Autumn, and cozy winter.

02. Restaurants for wines and gourmet

Our main dining "OTTO SETTE" is focused on region foods and wines. Special course "Vino e Verdura" is using only vegetables and all dishes are served with specific wine paired for the dish.
In "Yatasugatake Wine house, " 24 kinds of wines from Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures are always ready for you to try.

[Main Dining:OTTOSETTE]
[Buffet and Grill restaurant :YYgrill]
[Wine Shop:YATSUGATAKE Wine house]
[other restaurant :marche aux vins]
[other restaurant:VINOTECA]

03. Wine experience for from wine beginners to wine lovers

If you are not yet familiar with wine "wine school," short wine lesson, would give you ideas about how tasty wines are made, how to pick your favorites, and other interesting wine knowledge.
For wine lovers, free BYO should be a good news. After finding wines at "Yatsugatake Wine house," you shall bring and enjoy them at restaurants with no bottle charge.

04. Japan No.1 Wine region Yamanshi and Nagano prefecture

Yamanshi and Nagano prefecture is the two top of grape cropping in Japan, and also very famous for wine making. RISONARE Yatsugate is located between these two prefectures. This area is blessed with weather and land for making wines, and many wineries and vineyards are making wines. Tours goings to these wineries and vineyards are available every weekend.

Example of Wineries
[Domaine Mie Ikeno]
[Komaki Vineyard]
[Charmant Winery]
[Mars Hosaka Winery]
[Santory Tominooka Winery]

05. Recommended Stay Plan for wine lovers

Only 2 days stay is not enough to enjoy wine resort. Winery tour, wine-marriage Italian course, "wine school", VINO SPA®, and other wine experiences would fill your stay fully with wines.