Yatsugatake Marche 2019 (July 13 - August 31)

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The event to discover the deliciousness of vegetables Yatsugatake Marche 2019

Yatsugatake Marche is a classic event of the summer and is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Yatsugatake area produces delicious vegetables and fruits by long sunshine hours, severe temperature difference between day and night, and rich water resources. In Yatsugatake Marche, producers who grow vegetables in the neighborhood will open and sell their proud produces. Because producers sell them face-to-face, you can shop while enjoying the conversation such as farming tips and delicious recipes. (July 13 - August 31)

Understand the producer's farming tips and feel the taste of vegetables

The Yatsugatake area with long sunshine hours, severe temperature difference between day and night produces delicious vegetables. Many producers are active farming produce with good quality here. "Yatsugatake Marche 2019" provides a face-to-face sale, so you can enjoy the conversation such as farming tips and delicious recipes.

①Yatsugatake Corn

Farmer info:HAMARA FARM(Hara village, Nagano Prefecture)
Sweeter than melon or peach. The taste is just like fruits, and you can even eat it raw.

②Omoiro Tomato

Farmer info:Lycoper Farm(Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Cherry tomato which have tomato's sourness and rich taste, and sweetness of strawberry.

Zucchini, beets, potatoes, etc.

Producer: Hokuhoku Farm (Hokuto city, Yamanashi Prefecture) In the cool climate of Yatsugatake, we grow the vegetables carefully to avoid overload since seeding.

Vegetable-based "VegeParfait" as a mini course dinner

The kitchen car offers "VegeParfait" only during the limited period of the event. The main dining "OTTO SETTE" produces the four-layer parfait using the summer vegetables such as corn, tomato and zucchini. Enjoy the taste changing between courses, and the pairing of wine with each layer. Enjoy the world of Italian cuisine course restaurant OTTO SETTE easily through the parfait on the main street "Piment Street".

“Yatsugatake Chef's Lunch” matching wine with Marche's vegetables

On Wednesdays during the event period, we offer “Yatsugatake Chef's Lunch”. With the vegetables guests purchased in Marche, the chef prepares your lunch with wine. Enjoy the wine together with three dishes the chef of “OTTO SETTE" arranged with the best taste of ingredients. Spend a blissful time enjoying the seasonal vegetables of summer in the dining space with cool breezes and sunlight through the trees as dining in the forest.

① Yatsugatake Marche 2019
· Period: Saturday, July 13 - Saturday, August 31 Everyday
· Time: from 9:00 am (Depends on stores)
· Fees: Dependent on stores (free entry / vegetables from 150 yen)
· Venue: Piment Street
· Target: everyone
· Remarks: No reservation is required. It may be canceled in bad weather.

② VegeParfait
· Period: Saturday, July 13 - Saturday, August 31 Everyday
· Time: 11:00 - 14:00 (11 am - 2 pm)
· Fee: Set of parfait and wine 2,500 yen
Parfait only 1,500 yen
· Venue: kitchen car on Piment Street
· Target: everyone
· Remarks: Limited to 20 meals, no reservation required (Vegetables and wines may vary from availability.)

③ Yatsugatake Chef's Lunch
· Period: Wednesdays during from Wednesday, July 17 to Wednesday, August 28 (excluding August 14)
· Time: 12:00 - 15:00 (3 sessions: from 12:00, 12:30, and 13:00 / last order by 13:30)
· Fee: Adult (12-year-olds and above) 4,000 yen
Child (4-11 years old) 1,800 yen
Child (0-3 years old) Free
* The price above is for one person, wine fee included (The vegetables are purchased by the guests separately)
· Place: AL FRESCO (on Piment Street)
· Target: everyone
· Remarks: Reservation is required by 10 days before, maximum 16 people per day (including children)
The ingredients are vegetables purchased by customers in Yatsugatake Marche on Piment Street and cooked by the chef.
Please let your chef to decide how to arrange the vegetables.
Cooking the vegetables may take some time. (Required time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes)
· Vegetables and selling shops vary on each day, some shops will close after the vegetables are sold out.
· The schedule, opening hours, and the fee of the program may change.

■ Inquiries
TEL.0551-36-5111 (9:00-19:00) (9am-7pm)