Main DiningItalian cuisine featuring
the gift of the earth

“OTTO SETTE” is the main dining space of RISONARE Yatsugatake, the summer resort in a Japanese red pines forest of the Yatsugatake Plateau (960 m / 3,150 ft) at the prefectural border of Yamanashi and Nagano. “OTTO” means the number “8”, stands for Yatsugatake.”SETTE” means the number “7”, stands for the seven experts who provide ingredients for “OTTO SETTE”.The chefs’ creative original Italian cuisine is inspired by the farms of its excellent ingredients which grew under the grace of the earth.Our experienced sommelier selects about 2,000 wines from the wine cellar. Under the high ceiling, designed by the world-famous Italian architect Mario Bellini, this surprising Mariage of food and wine is waiting for you to enjoy with the views of the Yatsugatake forest and the sunshine through the large window.


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Vino e Verdura

“Vino e Verdura”,
a course menu of the
vegetables and wines

“Vino e Verdura” is a special course which pairs every dishes with its perfect matching wine. The wine and dishes are both made by the produce of Yatsugatake, thus form a perfect combination. Yatsugatake is an environment full of nature’s blessings of adequate sunshine hours, temperature difference between day and night, and rich water resource. The spirit of the dishes is Chef Masai’s thought: “I want to offer the fresh and colorful vegetable that can only be harvested from Yatsugatake, the land with blessed natural environment”

Mariage of vegetables x wine

Deep flavor woven
by Yatsugatake’s
seasonal vegetables
x wine

Our seasonal course can only be tasted in a restricted period of time. The simple seasoning magnifies the nature flavor of vegetables. You can feel the season in your mouth. A glass of local wine of Yamanashi and Nagano, the well-known wine-producing places of Japan, is paired with every dishes. Please enjoy a glass of Yamanashi & Nagano’s wine. We offer a suitable one glass for each dish selected from the various wines, from soft fragrance and silky taste to a rich fragrances and rich taste. The combination of the wine and dishes made by the ingredients grew with the same soil, water and air magnifies each other’s flavor.

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The course in the dining
menu only use the seasonal
ingredients produced by the
experts with meticulous care

Italian cuisine is a set of regional cuisine, originally provided by the unique local ingredients and cooking method. In OTTO SETTE we use seasonal ingredients produced by the experts with meticulous care with our unique recipe and cooking to magnify the original taste of the ingredients. Our eternal theme is providing Italian cuisine full of seasonal flavors. “Nature speaks and mountains make me cook.” We hope everyone feel this message from the food when enjoy our delicious meal.
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Chef Shigeru Masai was born in Tokyo in October 1967 and grew up in Yachiyo city, Chiba prefecture. After graduating from a cook school, he worked in hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, and then came to Yatsugatake as a chef since 1998. He devotes much effort to develop this menu since then. OTTO SETTE was opened with the theme “Attract customers by delicious dishes” in 2007. While using plenty of vegetables, sticking to the ingredients and seasoning quality at the same time, he provided the evolution of course, “Vino e Cucina” in 2011. At the restaurant, he hosts the guests with the best cuisine and service, makes every dish representing the theme of excellent Mariage of ingredients and wine. The high sense and modern cooking of the delicious food shows his constantly desire to pursue new impressions and discoveries through the Mariage of the food and wine.


Proposal of surprising Mariage
of cuisine and wine

Yamanashi and Nagano are well known as the inscription mark of the world-famous wine. Numerous excellent wines are continually delivered from the nature blessed land of adequate sunshine hours, day and night temperature difference, and rich waters resource, etc.
OTTO SETTE has a wine cellar with a depth of 12 meters (40 ft) and has about 2,000 wines. Our sommelier will propose the best fits wine to our exquisite dishes to create unusual harmony times.


The restaurant wedding at Ristorante OTTO SETTE provides colorful Italian cuisine guests love. The fish and other dishes that the chef cook in front of you are full of aroma and delicious. You can relax and have a wonderful time with the delicious food and exceptional service at the restaurant.