The “wine resort” advocated by Risonare Yatsugatake is the wine growing area.
It is a resort that offers not only a variation of wine but also an intellectual experience related to wine.
Risonare Yatsugatake is located on the border between Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures,
which are major wine producing areas in Japan.
Throughout the year, not only can you taste the wines that were born here, but you can also enjoy the food that goes well with the wine.
We would like to enhance the wine experience including activities.
As a “wine resort” where you can experience the wonders of this area,
We offer a style of travel called “regional charm x resort stay”.


Enjoying Yatsugatake wine

Wine School

A short lesson on the characteristics of and methods for enjoying the wines of Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures that even wine novices can understand. The theme changes each season, so guests can enjoy multiple visits. Also, please enjoy a free tasting session.

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This is a unique set where you can take out recommended wine in a special bottle and snacks that go well with wine. Recommended when “one bottle is too much” or “you want to enjoy Yamanashi-style wine casually”, you can buy it at Yatsugatake Wine House.

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BYO means Bring Your Own (Wine). The guest can bring wine to the hotel restaurant and enjoy it with meals. It’s free of charge.

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The restaurant’s design motifs are walls with wine crates, mural paintings of grape berries, and grape shelves on the ceiling. Enjoy Yamanashi and Nagano wines as if you were dining in the vineyards.

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This restaurant is the main dining for Italian food. Our creative chefs go to the production area, examine the best ingredients that have been given the blessings of the land, and make Italian food using them creatively. Experienced sommeliers a cellar that holds about 2,000 bottles of wine. The you can enjoy an unexpected marriage with wine.

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Wine house

A wine shop with 24 varieties of Yamanashi and Nagano wines available for tasting, as well as a full selection of wine-related books. We suggest you try “Wine Life”–a rich experience of all the area has to offer accompanied by fine wine.

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VINO BAG is an original bag in the shape of a bucket made of cork. You will put the wine you bought at the YATSUGATAKE Wine house and snacks you found at the shop in VINO BAG. And We recommend you to take it and enjoy it in your room or on a bench on the Piment Street.

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Vineyard Apéro

In the vineyard, you can enjoy an apéro time with wine and snacks before dinner, with the winds of the land where the wine was born and the smell of the earth. Please enjoy an elegant time where you can enjoy a wine resort with all sense.

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Wine concept room

The appearance of our natural rooms is built around the calming Bordeaux color and cork-like furniture. Our rooms are stocked with all the accoutrements needed to enjoy wine as you unwind, such as original wine tumblers. A majestic image of the Yatsugatake mountains is painted on one wall.

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Charms of the Seasons

the season of budding
and blooming

Spring in Yatsugatake is filled with to the brim with excitement, and the springtime Piment Street is wildly colorful to match. Find the blossoming of RISONARE in Yatsugatake’s Rosé Town, where grapevines sprout countless little white flowers and decorate the green fields beautifully.

the season of sun
and growth

Take a stroll through the Yatsugatake Marche, enjoy swimming in the Ojiro River, and walk leisurely through the sun-drenched fields. Summer in Yatsugatake is a lively, exciting season, overflowing with a sense of adventure.

the season of
color and harvest

In autumn, both the trees of the forest and the grapes hanging off the vines change their color, as if touched by Halloween magic. Let’s change our outfit and join the harvest festival. Autumn in Yatsugatake is a thrilling season that’s full of surprises.

Winter, the season
of brilliance and ripeness

Winter in Yatsugatake is a cosy season, watched over by the snow and stars, as Piment Street is illuminated by the light of a warm firewood stove. Enjoy a leisurely time in your warm room or at the pool, just like a maturing wine.

A renowned wine region
to be enjoyed by all

A wine where the days are always clear, and the sun full and bright makes for a resort where families can freely bask in the natural world. Blessed with such a fitting climate, the Yatsugatake area is home to some of Japan’s foremost wines. Surrounded by a lush natural landscape, the area offers a luxurious environment that not just wine-loving adults, but anyone, can enjoy.

Allow us to introduce some of the ways you can enjoy this delightful wine resort.


3 reasons why
Yatsugatake is famous
for its wines

Land blessed
by the sun

The Yatsugatake area boasts some of the longest daylight hours of daylight in all of Japan, so grapes are cultivated in the Yatsugatake area enjoy ample sunlight as they are raised.


Grapes for wine should be kept dry. The Yatsugatake region, where rain is infrequent, is perfect for cultivating such grapes.

A sweet-spot

The warm days and chilly nights of this environment, 1000 meters above sea level, provide the temperature changes essential for drawing out the sweetness of the grapes and making them
perfect for wine.

An environment perfect
for grapes and perfect
for people.

Before I started working for Hoshino Resorts at OTTO SETTE in 2014, I didn’t actually know much about Japanese wine.
In my previous job, I had mainly dealt in French and other foreign wines, and didn’t really offer domestic wines.
I imagine there isn’t another restaurant in Yamanashi that offers a selection of Japanese wines comparable to what OTTO SETTE offers.
When I began working here, being close enough to actually visit the winemakers was completely new to me. Hoping that by meeting them in person, actually seeing the wineries, hearing the stories behind each bottle, and relaying that information to our customers, I would be able provide them with an even more flavorful experience, I began making visits to wineries. In doing so, I have been able to pique the interest of our customers to the extent that they feel compelled to make their own visits to those same wineries, which makes me very happy.
At the Maker’s Dinner, held once a month at OTTO SETTE, the restaurant is visited by the winemakers themselves, and guests can enjoy their wines paired with OTTO SETTE’s cuisine. Guests can take advantage of spending around two hours with winemakers to ask questions they wouldn’t usually get the chance to ask, to hear their thoughts on each wine, and thus deepen their knowledge of those wines. I think that’s a good reason to visit the winemaking region in-person in itself.

Compared to foreign wines, Japanese wines have a milder feel.
These wines do not strongly assert themselves, but pair well with food.
Though impactful, strong wines of course exist among Japanese wines, they are generally mild. As a result, I believe they pair well with Japanese and other foods in addition to French and Italian cuisine.
Though Otto Sette offers Italian cuisine, as the food is seasoned to emphasise the flavors of the basic ingredients, it pairs extremely well with mild Japanese wines.
Also, since we endeavor to use local ingredients, one can feel the affinity between vegetables and wine cultivated in the same environment.

First and foremost, I have a discussion with each of the wide variety of customers we receive.
For regular wine-drinkers, I try to understand what flavors and aromas they prefer, and what kind of mood they are in that day, in order to offer a wine recommendation. On the other hand, it is crucial to talk to people who don’t drink much wine and hence don’t know their own preferences.
I briefly explain the flavors that make up a wine, inquire about their favorite foods, and recommend an easy-to-drink, mildly flavored or sweet wine to start with.
Then, when serving the wine, I endeavor to pour each glass carefully, paying close attention to small details such as temperature, the glass, and timing. I believe the role of a sommelier is not simply to pour the wine that was ordered as-is, but to communicate that each glass is special.

There is such an abundant variety of wine that it can be difficult to get involved in.
These days, with so many different tasting wines, there is sure to be one that suits your tastes. I hope you will inquire with a sommelier, and enjoy a conversation with one of us that results in discovering a wine you enjoy.
The Wine School held daily at Risonare Yatsugatake offers a mini lecture where wine beginners can enjoy learning about wine in an easy-to-understand format. I would be very happy if your decision to try a little wine-tasting results in your taking your first step into this world.

Mr. Nagakubo, who obtained his sommelier certification at the age of 30, first became interested in wine at the age of 22, when he met a sommelier that worked at the same restaurant at which he was training. He found himself full of admiration for that sommelier’s smart manner, and the confidence the guests had in him. Now, years later, as our senior sommelier, he serves as an inspiration for our young staff members in the same position he once occupied.